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Aviation WX in Dominican Republic

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SkyHoppers Aerial Adventures invites you to come enjoy private aerial excursions on the Caribbean island of the Dominican Republic. SkyHoppers specializes in providing Private Aerial Excursions in our Cessna 180 'Skywagon' bush plane throughout this most diverse island in the Caribbean. We welcome private parties to come share the controls of our Skywagon on any number of our many Excursions while the Chief Pilot serves as your tour guide!

Now taking reservations for our Winter & Summer 2017 Seasons
with flexible dates to meet your vacation schedule.
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answer any questions about the Dominican Republic.
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The Dominican Republic is conveniently located to experience the adventures of Tropical Bush Flying, located only 2 hours southeast of Miami in the center of the Caribbean. SkyHoppers private aerial excursions are ideal for adventure seekers, ecotourists, and busy professionals wishing to explore as much of the DR in a short time. Our excursions also appeal to pilots wishing to expand their pilot credentials in a high-performance-tailwheel bushplane.

Our experienced Chief Pilot will serve as both your tour guide & flight instructor, allowing you to explore the world of flight at the controls of the quintessential American bush plane in a tropical setting.

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